About Us

About Us

At Green Leaf Tree our mission is to care for our customers trees using the safest procedures and the very best arboricultural practices. Green Leaf’s Certified Arborist Don Smith has been in the tree care industry since 1987 providing prompt and professional tree care services. We pride ourselves in providing old fashioned customer service by listening to the needs of our clients and providing services that works best for their needs and their budget.

From simple tree inspection to low impact tree removal and selective pruning, Green Leaf Tree Specialists will work hard until our customer is happy. This is our guarantee. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at your home or business at a time that works with your schedule, or if you’re in need of an emergency tree removal.

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Our Arborist has had over 25 years experience with municipalities, commercial businesses,utilities and residential owners. Dealing with the public is what we are great at,public relations is our joy! We are well experienced in following all safety procedures for any job. We follow all ANSI standards. Our staff works with safety in mind at all times to insure returning home to their families each night in good health. No job is too big or too small and we are ready to show up at all hours of the day 24/7 for emergency restorations.

Tree Health

Many urban trees are growing in poor conditions, such as highly compacted soils low in organic matter and microbial life. In an urban environment, leaf litter that decomposes and provides natural fertilizers for our trees is cleared away. Grass is planted under trees, creating competition for water and nutrients, and then mowed with heavy equipment that compacts the soil. When homes are built, topsoil is removed and roots are damaged. Traditional fertilizers high in Nitrogen, can produce excessive canopy growth, which can be problematic when trees lack the required root system to support extra growth. These things combined can leave trees in a weakened state, predisposing them to attacks from insects and disease.

Arborist Services

The backbone of a Tree Company is its Arborists. Becoming certified is only the beginning of a career in Arboriculture. Experience, training, and education is what turns a certified Arborist into a great Arborist. At Green Leaf Tree we strive to provide these qualities so we can bring the very best service to our customers. Often people are surprised when trees they thought would need to be removed can be saved, or when they learn exactly what kind of trimming their trees need and why. This valuable advice is not only useful in helping you make good, balanced decisions, it’s educational, too!

For example, did you know that trees, like almost all living organisms, fight off diseases and attacks by bugs and bacteria? Unlike animals however, trees never “heal” an infected part of themselves, they just wall off their sick parts and grow around them, effectively “sweeping their problems under the rug”! Trees that are rotten inside will always be rotten (or hollow) but that’s not always bad; a healthy tree will compartmentalize the rotten area with special protective layers of cells and just keep adding layers of wood around it. Keep in mind any tree that poses potential hazard needs to be look at and evaluated properly.

Start talking with Green Leaf’s Arborist Don and you could find yourself picking up little tidbits of information like that, making analogies between trees and people (some of these analogies could be a streeeeetch…), or getting into a lively exchange about recycling, city planning, public transit……just a fair warning. Arborists are a strange breed. Remember that most of them got into this business so that they could climb trees. Cheers!




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